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We Provide a Complete  Tree Care and Landscaping Service Full public liability insurance to £5 million LEGALS You are entitled to a 14 day cooling off  period for all work Subject to contract 7.11.18 Free Estimates Free Surveys Free Advice - Call us We have all seen extreme weather On TV over the last  few years From floods to high winds ....... In high storms and winds trees Damage to your property can Cost you a lot of money call The experts ! For help Call in the Experts for a Job Well done

Crown Lift – removal of lower branches allowing for increased sunlight and improvement to accessible areas, therefore better use of outdoor living space

Crown Reduction – Trimming the tree from its current size and shape providing increased sunlight to surrounding areas

Crown Thinning – Removal of certain branches whilst maintaining the overall size and shape of the tree, providing increased sunlight to surrounding areas

Felling – Complete removal of a tree down to ground level. This maybe the solution for trees that are dead, dying or dangerous. In some cases the solution allowing for a structure that is planned for development, such as an outdoor building

Pollarding – Removing a substantial amount of the crown, providing long lasting tree maintenance without removing the tree completely. This is not a recommended method of tree care but in some suburban areas a suitable option

Pruning  – Removing small amounts of the trees crown, providing a more aesthetic and  balanced tree appearance, also preventing branches from obstructing property.

Wind and Storm Damage - we makeTrees Safe - Call us for free estimates TREE SERVICES • Free Estimates • Free Site Surveys • Free Advice - if you have a tree problem - call us POWER WASH Driveways Patios and paving Get clean with us - the latest  High pressure cleaning for  Brilliant results every time Removing years of dirt grime And weather damage that can Restore colour and shine FENCING From small home and residential to major large scale and  commercial we provide all kinds of fencing …repairs concrete  posts and gravel boards keep  your property safe with us TURFING & LAWNS Get the lawn you have always  wanted with us from small to Large even public areas we  Use quality turf for reliable  Results and provide services  Such as  Weeding Seeding cutting and  Mowing, levelling, feeding
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